About Us

Wilson Street Gallery is located in the heart of Newtown, near Newtown Station and the Dendy Cinema.  In its fourth year of operation, the Gallery intensifies its program of quality contemporary Australian Art.  We meet again artists of the calibre of Bill Brown, Heather Shain Ellyard, Christopher Gentle, Robyn Gordon and Manne Schulze. And we introduce to the gallery Braidwood based artist Helen Geier who brings new dimensions to her imagery in paint, paper folds and prints, Anne Judell with her intensely beautiful abstract drawings and paintings, Nola Jones and her tribe of humanoid totems, and Deborah Beck, whose painterly abstracted figuration dwells on cultural icons and the patinas of our age.

As the Australian economy takes increasingly assured steps towards recovery, there is still personal hesitation about the purchase of art.  We understand these pressures, but we do want everyone to be able to share our passion for works of great visual beauty and meaning.   To help in your decision-making, the gallery is happy to loan works on approval, pay off works over an extended period, and to reward customers who continue to acquire work from our artists. 

Above all, we want you to come to the gallery. Your appreciation or criticism of the work we show feeds our enthusiasm to make this a great gallery.  We look forward to seeing you in 2010.